Seller Hub

Use YAN's multi-channel order and stock management system to grow your business

Seller Hub helps to easily control your omnichannel selling processes in one place, managing all the product data you might have across various eCommerce Webstores and Marketplaces.

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0% Transaction Fees | 2-5% Sales fee

depending on your chosen store settings.

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Multi-Channel Listing

Efficiently list your products to eBay, Amazon, webstore and all the other sales channels, with a single click.

Inventory & Stock Control

Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software to grow your e-commerce business.

Order Management

Manage orders from all your sales channels in one place and fulfil orders efficiently and seamlessly.

Accounting Reports

Generate accounting reports, create sales receipts, import customer and product data into accounting software like Xero QuickBooks and Sage.


Manage your customers from your sales channels. Provide customer support, check their previous orders and reply to messages.

Shipping Labels

Create and print integrated shipping labels with over 30 carriers for all your multi-channel sales orders.

Great Sales Tools

Get more done by saving your time and money spent on time-consuming admin. Efficiently manage your retail inventory across multiple webstores and marketplaces, including listings, stock updates, order processing, shipping, accounting and much more.

Detailed Reports & Data

We removed the complexity of tracking and interpreting customer data across multiple channels. Now you can optimize your every move with in-depth data, view daily reports on your sales trends, stock movements and invoice history to identify your top performers.