Introducing the first-ever

FusionTech platform

Your Business Banking & eCommerce Sales in One Place

YAN’s “FusionTech” Client Platform is a cross-industry, functionally integrated system that lets you efficiently manage all your day2day Business Banking & eCommerce Sales from a centralized “Super Dashboard”. For the first time ever, Sellers will have just one-point access to their multi-channel banking and sales operations, allowing them to consolidate a huge amount of data from various connected accounts in a convenient and functional format. Buyers can also purchase your products and services through YAN’s Super App and web portal, and your listings will be further promoted through our external marketing partners, boosting your product exposure and increasing sales.

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0% Transaction Fees | 2-5% Sales fee

depending on your chosen store settings.

Stop paying unfair merchant fees!

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Zero Processing Fees

Grow your business and forget about payment processing fees when you sell on YAN, instead just focus on providing the best product and services at the best price to your growing customer base.

Sales Fee

We want to help your business grow with YAN, so we keep our fees to a minimum. This will be calculated based on your chosen store settings.

Free Membership Plan

You don’t pay any subscription to use YAN’s Business Fusion Account for 12 consecutive months if you sign up for GROW plan. SCALE and PRO plan users will get 50% off the original price for their first 12 consecutive months. You will get access for using the toolset to grow your business in accordance with your chosen plan.

All In One

Connect all your eCommerce selling activities and Business Bank account management in one place. You will get a single point of access to your business account to do all you need with your money and also can manage your sales on YAN and other supported sales channels, easily plugged in for quick order management.

YAN Business Bank Account and Debit Card

You get a YAN’s business bank account and debit card that will automatically be assigned to you upon quick registration process. You no longer have to wait for your sales payments to be processed for days, as funds for the purchased item will immediately be received on your YAN business bank account, which in turn will speed up your cash flow/turnover by eliminating any liquidity risks in your business.

Business Loans

We promise to offer fast and straight-forward credit approvals based on your business performance. You will get exceptional value on equipment finance, asset finance and business loans. We’ll be there to fund your success!

Buy Now Pay Later

Your sales will be further boosted by our interest-free BNPL program, allowing your buyers to purchase your products and pay for them at a future date.