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YAN.Market’s first 5000 Sellers offered a FREE or 50% Off Subscription

By Tina Levin, 24 March 2022

The first registered 5000 sellers will get FREE access to YAN.Market's GROW Plan for their first 12 consecutive months, followed by monthly subscription. SCALE and PRO plan users will get 50% off for the same time period. The package includes  unlimited listings, tools for product marketing & ...

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Waitlist is now open for YAN Market’s pre-launch in March 2022

By Tina Levin, 10 March 2022

FusionTech platform where you can manage your day2day Business Banking & eCommerce Sales from Single Dashboard. Sell your products and services through WEB and YAN’s MOBILE Super App for just 0% TRANSACTION FEE | 2-5% SALES FEE

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End of year message from YAN’s CEO Davit Satyan

By Tina Levin, 01 January 2022

Since its inception in 2020, YAN has pursued this very idea by developing its Super App and other tech infrastructure soon to be disclosed, and our conviction that we are on the right track has been further reinforced by the processes going on with Open Banking and PSD2. YAN will grow into an open, cross-industry ecosystem as our goal is to..

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VISA and Amazon blame each other over high fees, whilst startups look for new ways to help merchants reduce their heavy margin pressure

By Tina Levin, 15 December 2021

when a giant like Amazon, whose total UK revenue in 2020 was £20.63 billion, claims it costs them dear to accept VISA credit cards, even if the price increase was only 0.3% for cross-border payments between the UK and EU, which now makes 1.5% per transaction

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YAN among 14 international companies in Fintech receiving an honorable mention at Go Global Awards 2021

By Tina Levin, 19 October 2021

YAN, a UK startup on a mission to become the world's first eCommerce bank, was one of the 14 international companies presented in the Fintech category to receive an honorable mention at the Go Global Awards 2021.

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YAN’s Super App from scratch

By Tina Levin, 12 February 2021

YAN is building its multi-industry Super App software which contains 12344 files and more than 8 million lines of code. The Test Environment is located on 2 servers (Api/backend server and Authentication server). Here we test the software developed in a sandbox environment. We can test all functions and check software vulnerabilities and their potential bugs. When the software...

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Web Summit Dec 2020

By Tina Levin, 17 November 2020

Join us at Web Summit 2020. We're thrilled to be taking part at this years event, 2-4 December. Come and find out more about YAN. With 100,000+ attendees from more than 150 countries, we can't wait to take part in the event this year. Web Summit has become a global nexus for tech’s most brilliant minds, dynamic entrepreneurs, die-hard advocates, and fiercest critics.

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Why Customers leave banks

By Tina Levin, 17 October 2020

The banking industry is in a state of constant change BUT one part of banking hasn’t changed: the need for great customer experience.

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4 Reasons To Bank with YAN

By Tina Levin, 01 September 2020

Here are 4 great reasons to get banking with YAN through our super-app or on a standard web browser. With everything in one place, the benefits are great!

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YAN Launches Official Waitlist

By Tina Levin, 26 August 2020

We're really pleased to launch the YAN waitlist. The single ecosystem will be delivered as a Super App and is the first of its kind.

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Shift in ecommerce behaviour

By Tina Levin, 06 August 2020

An estimated 17.2 million consumers in the UK, (nearly a quarter of the entire population) will permanently change the way they shop, redirecting their spending online.

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Financial Health + Inclusion

By Tina Levin, 30 July 2020

The number of people who are anxious about their financial situation has more than doubled, from 16% before COVID-19 hit to 37%. What is financial health?

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Tech enabling happy customers

By Tina Levin, 08 July 2020

What can we expect from banks now and in the future? We take a look at some of the tech enabling better customer service within finance.

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Say Hello to YAN!

By Tina Levin, 08 June 2020

Say hello to easy to use, friction free, secure, and future first digital banking. YAN will offer the first digital bank with ecommerce and a marketplace. We call this fusion banking.

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